Physics 1051:
General Physics II: Oscillations, Waves, Electromagnetism

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Assignments will be done using the LON-CAPA (Learning Online Network with Computer Assisted Personalized Approach) web based system. You will be issued a LON-CAPA password which will give you access to your assignments over the course of the semester.


  • LON-CAPA assignment access.

    TARGET LON-CAPA PROBLEM SET SCHEDULE (revised Jan. 9) (Sets may open a few days before date shown)

    Set 1: Open 9:00 AM, Jan.6, 2014. Close 11:59 PM, Jan.16, 2014. Topic: Vectors Review

    Set 2: Open 9:00 AM, Jan.6, 2014. Close 11:59 PM, Jan.20, 2014. Topic: Oscillations

    Set 3: Open 9:00 AM, Jan.13, 2014. Close 11:59 PM, Feb.3, 2014. Topic: Travelling Waves, Interference, Standing Waves

    Set 4: Open 9:00 AM, Jan.29, 2014. Close 11:59 PM, Feb.13, 2014. Topic: Coulomb's Law, Electric Fields due to point charges,

    Set 5: Open 9:00 AM, Feb. 7, 2014. Close 11:59 PM, Feb.22, 2014. Topic: Electric Field lines, Electric Flux, Gauss's law, Electric potential

    Set 6: Open 9:00 AM, Feb.14, 2014. Close 11:59 PM, Mar.7, 2014. Topic: Electric Field due to continuous charge distributions, Application ofGauss's Law to symmetric charge distributions, Electric Fields due to charged conductors

    Set 7: Open 9:00 AM, Mar.3, 2012. Close 11:59 PM, Mar.19, 2014. Topic: Magnetic force on moving charges, wires, uniform loops; Biot Savart Law,

    Set 8: Open 9:00 AM, Mar.14, 2014. Close 11:59, Mar.26, 2014. Topic: Magnetic Force on loops, Ampere's law, Magnetic field in a solenoid, Faraday's Law of Induction, emf, Lenz's Law

    Set 9: Open 9:00 AM, Mar.21, 2014. Close 11:59 PM, Apr.3, 2014. Topic: Light, Reflection and Refraction, Interference, Diffraction grating