Physics 1051:
General Physics II: Oscillations, Waves, Electromagnetism

PROBLEM WORKSHOPS (Winter 2014): In weeks when there is no laboratory, there will be a mandatory problem workshop. Note that workshops start on TUESDAY JAN. 7 for section 001, on WEDNESDAY JAN. 8 for section 007, on THURSDAY JAN. 9 for section 002, and on FRIDAY JAN. 10 for section 007. The topics for the problem workshops are indicated on the Lecture/Lab/Workshop schedule. The Workshop will begin with a review of the topic or a discussion of problem solving techniques, as indicated on the schedule, after which students will complete and submit one or more related problems. The work completed in each workshop will count toward the final course mark as indicated in the evaluation scheme.

In addition to the Problem Workshops, students should also make use of the SUGGESTED POST-LECTURE PROBLEMS: After each lecture, students are strongly encouraged to attempt a small number of suggested problems from the text that have been selected to reinforce the concepts covered in that lecture. These problems have been listed under each lecture in the Lecture/Lab/Workshop schedule.


Workshop 1: Graphing. Jan.7 (sect. 001), Jan. 8 (sect. 007), Jan. 9 (sect. 002), Jan. 10 (sect. 003)

Workshop 2: Simple Harmonic Motion. Jan. 21 (sect. 001), Jan. 22 (sect. 007), Jan. 23 (sect. 002), Jan. 24 (sect. 003) NOTES Workshop problems & Solutions

Workshop 3: Waves. Jan. 28 (sect. 001), Jan. 29 (sect. 007), Jan. 30 (sect. 002), Jan. 31 (sect. 003) NOTES Workshop problems & Solutions

Workshop 4: Vectors in Electricity and Magnetism. Feb.25 (sect. 001), Feb. 26 (sect. 007), Feb. 27 (sect. 002), Feb. 28 (sect. 003) NOTES Workshop problems and solutions

Workshop 5: Continuous Charge Distributions. Mar. 4 (sect. 001), Mar. 5 (sect. 007), Mar. 6 (sect. 002), Mar. 7 (sect. 003) NOTES Workshop problems and solutions

Workshop 6: Right-hand rules. Mar. 25 (sect. 001), Mar. 26 (sect. 007), Mar. 27 (sect. 002), Mar. 28 NOTES Workshop problems and solutions