Physics 1051: GENERAL PHYSICS II - Oscillations, Waves, Electromagnetism

WINTER 2007: Sections 001 and 002

LECTURES:   SLOT 05:   Mon, Wed, Fri  12:00-12:50

LABS:   SECTION 001: Mon 0900-1100, CRN  47502
               SECTION 002: Thu  0900-1100, CRN  47504
INSTRUCTOR:  Dr. I. Afanassiev, Rm. C4065, 737-2500  Email: afanai @

Welcome to the home page for Physics 1051 in Fall 2007. From here you can obtain contact information, a tentative schedule of lectures, notes, the lab schedule, the evaluation scheme, etc.

Physics 1051 is an introductory course in waves and electromagnetism for students who have completed Physics 1050 or Physics 1020 with a grade of 65% or better and who have completed or are taking Math 1001. One goal is to introduce students to concepts which underly many areas of science and technology. An equally important goal, however, is to develop methods of learning and problem solving which will be of value in whatever endeavours they ultimately choose to pursue.

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