PHYSICS 2056: General Physics VI: Modern PHYSICS 2056: General Physics VI: Modern Physics. Winter 2002

Instructor: Dr. I.Afanassiev

Office: C4065. Phone: 737-2500. E-mail:

The textbook

Physics for Scientists and Engineers (with Modern Physics) by Serway and Beichner, Chapters 39-46 Fifth Edition, Saunders College Publishing.

Schedule of topics

The sequence of topics, corresponing roughly to the sequence of chapters in the text, and the number of lectures tentatively planned for each, is as follows:

Chapter Topic # of lectures
39Relativity. 6
40Introduction to Quantum Physics. 3
41Quantum Mechanics. 2
42Atomic Physics. 4
43Molecules and Solids. 3
44Nuclear Structure. 2
45Fission and Fusion. 2
46Particle Physics. 1

Evaluation Scheme

-assignments (4-5), altogether worth 10% of the total mark;

-one mid-term 1-hour test, worth 25% of the total mark; (tentatively scheduled for Febuary 19

-the 2-hour final examination, worth 50% of the total mark;


-laboratory reports (you should get a minimum of 50% mark in the laboratory part of the course in order to pass the course), worth 15% of the total mark;