PHYSICS 3500. Electromagnetic fields. Fall 2010

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Instructor: Dr Iakov (Yakov) Afanassiev

e-mail: afanai at

office: C4065

Lectures: TR 1200-1250pm, F 0100-0150pm, Room C3053

Section numbers refer to Introduction to Electrodynamics (Third Edition) by David J. Griffiths.

Topic  Text  
Number of 
Lectures (50 min.)  
Introduction      1
Review of Vector Analysis Vector Albegra, Differential calculus, Integral calculus, Spherical and Cylindrical coordinates, Dirac Delta Function, Vector Fields   Chapter 1   5
Electrostatics Electric Field, Divergence and Curl of Electrostatic Fields, Electric Potential, Work and Energy in Electrostatics, Conductors   Chapter 2   7
Special Techniques Laplace's equation, Method of Images, Separation of Variables (simple example)   Chapter 3   4
Electric Fields in Matter: Polarization, Field of a polarized object, Electric Displacement, Linear Dielectrics Chapter 4    4
Magnetostatics: Lorentz Force Law, Biot-Savart Law, Divergence and Curl of B, Magnetic Vector Potential Chapter 5    5
Magnetic Fields in Matter: Magnetization, Field of a Magnetized Object, The Auxiliary Field H, Linear and Nonlinear Media Chapter 6    5
Electrodynamics: Electromotive Force, Electromagnetic Induction, Maxwell's Equations Chapter 7  5


Assignments 20 % 
Midterm Test 25 % 
Final Exam 55 %

There will be no supplementary exam.