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The instructor for this course will be Iakov Afanassiev who can be found in C-4065. The course is about the interpretation and analysis of oceanographic data. We will look at different types of oceanographic data. We will then explore spatial and time-series analysis of these data, using real oceanographic/laboratory data. There will be lectures but most of the work will be done in the interpretation and analysis of data which will be explored through assignments and a project.

We will meet in room C-3067 on Wed. 2-3:15 and Fri. 3-4:15 (Please note different times on Wed and Fri) The first class will be TBD. Once the course starts, some class notes, assignments, tests, solutions, papers to read, Matlab scripts, odds and ends will be posted on this page.

The text for the course will be Data Analysis Methods in Physical Oceanography by W.J. Emery and R.E. Thomson. The book is worth having, and using, and I encourage you to order it on your own. Amazon.ca has it online for just over $100.

The outline for the course is

Course outline

As available the course notes will be placed on this page.

Matlab guides



Here are the papers for the presentations that we will have for the week of 5 March - if that works for everyone. Pick one that you like to do and then let me know. One or two of these are shorter than others. If you have a shorter one then I will expect you to dig a little more and to provide more context. For the longer ones I will only expect that you report on the paper itself. I will let you know whether you have picked a short or long straw when you sign up.

  • 1. Data analysis of regime shifts - Mantua
  • 2. Ocean basin data analysis - Levitus and Oort
  • 3. Neural networks and prinicpal component analysis - Hsieh
  • 4. Forecasting sea level from global temperature - Supplementary material - Rahmstorf
  • 5. Tidal analysis harmonic analysis - Pawlowicz
  • 6. Principal oscillation patterns in oceanography - vonStorch et al.

  • Last updated September 2012