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The instructor for this course is Brad deYoung who can be found in C-4062. The course deals with the physics of the processes in the ocean, providing an integrative view of the field of oceanography. The importance of physical processes to other aspects of oceanography is treated. Our goal is to learn about some of the key features of how the ocean works. Why do the large scale current systems look as they do? Why is the ocean stratified? How long does it take for water to move around in the ocean? How are the ocean and atmosphere coupled? What role does the ocean play in regulating the earth's climate?

The final assignment and graded essays will be available on Monday at my office C-4062.

The outline for the course is

Course outline

Final Exam

The final exam will be on Tuesday 17 April 9:00 - 11:00 AM in C-2031/2038.


As available the course notes will be placed here. I will keep these updated just after each class.


Term Paper

  • Term Paper

    Miscellaneous things

    Here is the text for the course - Stewart - Physical Oceanography.

    A few cool videos to enjoy:

  • Gambling with the Gulf Stream
  • Aerosols Simulation

    Mid-Term Examination

    Here is the equation sheet for the mid-term - Equations and here are the solutions.

    Here are the Term Marks.

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