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The instructor for this course will be Brad deYoung who is in C-4062. The course is about the interpretation and analysis of oceanographic data. We will look at different types of oceanographic data, exploring different types of instruments, their strengths and weaknesses, and the kinds of data that we typically get from them. We will then explore spatial and time-series analysis of these data, using real oceanographic data.

We will meet Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 AM. Once the course starts, some class notes, assignments, tests, solutions, papers to read, Matlab scripts, odds and ends will be posted on this page.

The text for the course will be Data Analysis Methods in Physical Oceanography by W.J. Emery and R.E. Thomson. The book is available electronically from the library.

The outline for the course is

Course outline

As available the course notes will be placed on this page.

Matlab guides



  • 1. Data analysis of regime shifts - Mantua
  • 2. Ocean basin data analysis - Levitus and Oort
  • 3. Neural networks and prinicpal component analysis - Hsieh
  • 4. Tidal analysis harmonic analysis - Pawlowicz
  • 5. Principal oscillation patterns in oceanography - vonStorch et al.


  • Barnes Paper 1964

  • Last updated 5 April 2019