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Winter 2006                         Instructor: Brad deYoung



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There will be a class on Friday 24 February 11-12 in C-3024.

This course is about models of ecological processes that control animal populations. This year, two courses are being taught together, Modelling Ocean Ecology (P6324) and Modelling Environmental Physics (P4340). There will be some difference in material, and expectations, for those students registered in one course or the other.

We will develop basic ecological ideas with a focus on age and stage structure representation. We will then talk about some simplified physical models, primarily for application to the ocean, of the circulation and vertical structure of the ocean. We will cover one-dimensional models of vertical mixing, advection-diffusion models and shallow water models of circulation. We will cover the basic numerical techniques that underlie these models. Using Matlab, we will couple the biological and physical models to explore the role of spatial structure on ecological dyanmics.

We will meet in room C-3067 on Wednesday from 3:00 to 5:00 PM. The text for the course will be Introduction ot the Modelling of Marine Ecosystems by W. Fennel and T. Neumann. Once the course starts, some class notes, assignments, tests, solutions, papers to read, Matlab scripts, odds and ends will be posted on this page.

The outline used for a previous incarnation of the course was

Course outline

As available the course notes will be placed on this page.

Matlab guides

Matlab scripts


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