Undergraduate Laboratories

Laboratory Experiments
First Year: [1020] [1021] [1050] [1051]
Second Year: [2053] [2055]
Third Year: [3900]
Fourth Year: [4900]

General Information
Marking Guidelines for Second Year Reports (Summary)  
General Electrical Information
(notes on breadboards, digital meters and resistor colour code)
The Vernier Caliper  
Vernier Caliper Diagram  

Graph Plotting by Computer
Introduction to Igor Pro
Plotting Graphs by Computer: Exercises  
Logarithmic Graphs
(a useful technique for power laws or exponential relationships)

Error Analysis
The Treatment of Numerical Experimental Results  
Problems on Error Analysis  

Formal Laboratory Reports
Writing a Formal Report  
Formal Report Checklist  
Formal Report Example from Simon Fraser  
APA Style Guide  
Formal Report Example from Simon Fraser  
Introduction to LaTeX (text formatting)  

Introduction to Mathematica
Plotting lab data using Mathematica  
Differentiation, Integration and Differential Equations  
Lists and Tables using Mathematica
Graph Plotting and Data Analysis using Mathematica
(including nonlinear regression)
Common Mathematica Commands  

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