Physics 4900 Laboratory

An orientation session will be held in the lab (C4044) on Monday, September 11 at 2 pm. Students should be ready to start their first experiment on Wednesday, September 13.

A selection of experiments at the advanced level

Dr T. Andrews. Office C1063
Dr. C.Deacon. Office C3060


Additional experiments may become available during the semester.


  1. Students are required to complete two experiments. Allow approximately ten lab sessions (30 hrs) for each one. Lab notebooks will be inspected during the course of each experiment; the lab write-up for the first experiment will be due on October 18 and the second on November 27.
  2. In addition, you are required to submit reports on each experiments in the style of a published scientific journal article. The first of these is due on November 1 and the second is due on or before December 6.
  3. Oral presentations will take place from 2:00 pm Monday, November 27, 2017 in C-3024. Each student should prepare a 12-15 minute presentation based on one of the experiments that he has completed. Each presentation will be followed by questions from the audience.


Laboratory Notebook:40%
Oral Presentation: 10%
Poster: 10%

Missed Work

Students who cannot complete assigned work should consult the University Calendar, Section 6.7.5 Exemptions from Parts of the Evaluation, and speak to the instructor.

Important General Information From The University

It is the student's responsibility to acquaint herself/himself with these items. Please read.

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