Provisional webpage of C. C. Stevenson--
updated: A real webpage should appear here by May'19

Weather links
  • SpotWX for East-End St. John's
  • (...And for Salmonier Nature Park)
  • (...And for Butter Pot Provincial Park (RASC Observatory site))
  • (...And for LLAO (personal observatory))
  • (...And for Newman Sound campground, Terra Nova National Park)
  • "Clear Outside v1.0" for St. John's (another detailed astronomer's forecast)
  • MUN Chem-Physics building rooftop weather station
  • Environment Canada (St. John's)
  • The Weather Network (St. John's)
  • Clear Sky Charts in Newfoundland
  • Global Light Pollution Map (set-up for Newfoundland)
  • RASC, St. John's Centre

    Neptune and Triton from 28 Laurier 08 Oct 2018 (and also satellite NORAD 42432 "SES-10", according to Stellarium)

    Mars from 28 Laurier 02 Oct 2018 (very low due south, not quite above nearby trees...)

    Mars, simulated for the same time (9:21pm) as above