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Dr. Kristin Poduska
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Experimental Materials Physics & Chemistry

decoding the past      and      directing the future     

Photo of Kris Poduska
Ph.D. Cornell University (2001)
B.A. Carleton College (1996)

I use physics to make complex problems more tractable.* I enjoy working with interdisciplinary teams in order to learn which problems are the most useful to solve.

Those who work in my research group gain valuable generalist training in materials physics that can be applied to unique fundamental and applied research challenges.

Experiential learning and science advocacy are at the core of my research and teaching.

Photo of a spherical cow

* Do you know the spherical cow joke in physics? Read it here. This joke pokes fun at physicists, but it's one that we share around within the discipline to highlight what makes our approach to problems somewhat unique: by simplifying a problem, we can make it more tractable and easier to get a useful answer. What's important here is that we know that we're not getting all of the details right -- we focus instead on getting a result that helps us move forward in our thinking, our planning, and our understanding. This at the core of how I do my research. It's a powerful approach!

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