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Physics 1051. General Physics II: Oscillations, Waves, Electromagnetism

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Winter 2009

General course information

Text: Serway and Jewett. Principles of Physics (4th edition), published by Thomson (Brooks/Cole) (2006) ISBN 0-534-49143-X

Prerequisites: PHYS 1050 (General Physics I) or PHYS 1020 (Introductory Physics I) with a minimum grade of 65%, and MATH 1001 (Calculus II). MATH 1001 may be taken concurrently.

Topics: A calculus-based introduction to oscillations, wave motion, physical optics, and electromagnetism.

Assignments: The assignments in this course will be done using the CAPA computer based assignment system. You will need your MUN number and a password to access these. Pre-lab and pre-lecture questions will be done using Desire2Learn, a computer-based course management system.

Important links

  • Desire2Learn, for instructor information, lecture notes, lab information, and other essentials (accessible by registered students only)
  • CAPA, for online assignments (password required)

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