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Physics 2750: Modern Physics

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Winter 2012

Course information

Text: Serway and Jewett, Physics for Scientists and Engineers (with Modern Physics -- you'll need Chapters 39-46), Brooks/Cole-Thomson (2010). There are electronic and paper versions of these texts available.

Note: It is possible to use your text from PHYS 1051 (Serway and Jewett, Principles of Physics, Brooks/Cole-Thomson, any edition -- you'll need chapters 28-31), but be forewarned that you'll be missing some material on relativity that we cover during the first part of the course.

Classes: T,Th 12:00-12:50, F 13:00-13:50 in C2045

Prerequisites: Math 1001, Physics 1051

Topics: Special relativity, quanta of light, atomic structure and spectral lines, quantum structure of atoms and molecules, nuclei and elementary particles.

Instructor information

Instructor: Kris Poduska

E-mail: kris_at_mun.ca

Evaluation scheme

To be announced in class

Additional course material

Available through Desire2Learn (restricted access)

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