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Physics 3000: Physics of Device Materials

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Fall 2008

Course information

Text: Donald Neamen, An Introduction to Semiconductor Devices, McGraw-Hill (2006) ISBN 0 07 298756 1

Classes: M, W, F 011:00-11:50 in C2045

Prerequisites: Physics 2055 or registration in Academic Term 3 of the Electrical Engineering Program

Topics: Structures of crystalline and amorphous solids. Excitations and transport in metals, semiconductors, and dielectrics; electronic band structures. Physics of multi-material devices such as photodiodes, solid state lasers, and field-effect transistors. See also the tentative course outline.

Instructor information

Instructor: Kris Poduska

E-mail: kris_at_mun.ca

Evaluation scheme

To be announced

Additional course material

Available through Desire2Learn (access for registered students only)

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