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Physics 490A/B: Honours Physics Thesis

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Fall 2018

Course information

Candidates for the Honours B. Sc. degree in physics are required to submit a written thesis based on their own research carried out under the supervision of a faculty member. The purpose of writing a thesis is to provide an opportunity to pursue a project in depth outside the usual constraints of course work. The project gives a taste of independent research, including gaining familiarity with scientific literature, organizing and analyzing results, and communicating the results clearly to make the research accessible to others.
  • Text: none
  • Classes: The first course meeting will be on Monday, September 10 at 2pm in C3000. Please read about course logistics, policies and guidelines on Brightspace before Monday's meeting.
  • Prerequisites: Students are advised to select a supervisor and choose a possible thesis topic as soon as possible. Students who have difficulty finding a supervisor should consult with the 490A coordinator.
  • Instructor information

  • Instructor: Kris Poduska
  • E-mail: kris_at_mun.ca
  • Evaluation scheme

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