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Quantitative Visualization Tutorials for Introductory-Level Electromagnetism

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Physics is both a mathematically- and visually-oriented discipline. Visual scientific literacy is especially important for students of introductory-level electromagnetism, where mathematical concepts are intimately related to the core scientific concepts. These concepts, such as vectors and vector fields, are used both implicitly and explicitly in the visual representations of the physics.

I have worked with Mathematica-based tutorials that enable students to explore the physics, math, and visual representations essential to understanding key concepts in introductory-level electromagnetism. With the aid of Mathematica, students can explore these relationships at a quantitative level within a controlled, yet flexible, visual framework.

Visualizing electric fields

  • To try this interactive tutorial, you will need to download the tutorial, and then open the file in Mathematica 5.0 (or later), which must be installed on your computer. A freely available reader can be downloaded directly from Wolfram.

  • If you would like to just view the tutorial (no interactive capabilities), you can download a version in PDF format.

  • Do you have feedback on this tutorial? Are you interested in using this tutorial in your classes? Please contact me! (kris_at_mun.ca)

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