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Dr. Kristin Poduska
Professor and Head
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Experimental Materials Physics & Chemistry

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Equipment and facilities

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Materials synthesis

  • Potentiostat/Galvanostats for electrodeposition
    Hokuto Denko HA-501/HB-104/HF-201, Princeton Applied Research 273A (including impedance spectroscopy capabilities and rotating disc electrodes), analog bipotentiostat, and electrometers.
  • Water purification system
    Purification system for distilled and ultrapure water
    Barnstead distilled or 18.2 mega-ohm with UV and TOC
  • Furnaces for annealing and solid-state synthesis
    High temperature furnace Convection oven
    Thermolyne 16-segment programmable box furnace and Lindberg tube furnace heat to 1050 Celsius. Precision STM80 mechanical convection oven heats to 225 Celsius.
  • Plasma etcher
    Plasma etcher
    Plasma Etch, Inc. PE100 configured with argon, chlorine, or oxygen plasmas
  • Spin-coater
    Spin coater
    Laurel Technologies single wafer spin processor
  • Vacuum evaporator with film thickness monitor
    Vacuum evaporator with film thickness monitor
    assembled and operated in the lab of Dr. Maynard Clouter by the Physics Department
  • Structural Characterization

  • Fourier transform infrared spectrometers
    FTIR spectromicroscope
    Bruker Vertex 70v/Hyperion 2000 FTIR spectromicroscope for mid-IR (4000 - 375 cm-1) and far-IR (600 - 10 cm-1), including a He-cooled bolometer. Also a Bruker Alpha, through the Physics Department
  • Powder X-ray diffractometers
    Rigaku D/MAX 2200VPC and Rigaku Ru-200, through facilities operated by Dr. J. Shirokoff (Engineering) and the CREAIT Network
  • Single crystal X-ray diffractometer
    Rigaku/MSC AFC8-Saturn 70 with low temperature system, through the CREAIT Network
  • Confocal Raman microscope
    Jobin Yvon Horiba LabRAM, through the Physics Department

    Morphological Characterization

  • Scanning Probe Microscope
    Scanning Probe Microscope
    Asylum Research MFP-3D, with capabilities for imaging under ambient conditions, in fluid, or in electrolyte. Applications include topographic, elasticity, magnetic and conductive imaging.
  • Polarized light and fluorescence microscope
    Polarized light and fluorescence microscope
    Leica DM2500 with digital camera system
  • Scanning Electron Microscopes with energy dispersive X-ray analysis
    FEI Quanta 400 environmental SEM and Hitachi 5570, through facilities operated by the CREAIT Network
  • Physical Property Characterization

  • Vibrating sample magnetometer
    Microsense EV9, with torque magnetometry, vector coils, magnetoresistance, and temperature control
  • Contact angle and drop shape analyzer
    OCA 15EC, with temperature control and tilting base
  • UV-Visible Spectrometer
    UV-Visible spectrometer
    Ocean Optics USB 2000, with transmission and diffuse reflectance capabilities
  • LCR meter (inductance, capacitance, resistance)
    LCR meter
    National Instruments, with PXI interface and function generator
  • 4-probe current-voltage meter
    4-probe current-voltage meter
    Keithley 2400 with source, measure, and sweep capabilities
  • Hysteresis loop tracer
    Hysteresis loop tracer
    through instrumentation from Dr. J. Hodych (Earth Sciences)

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