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GLAC1-D deglacial surface topography can be grabbed from: PMIP4 GLAC1-D archive page.

120ka to 0ka Ice thickness fields for GLAC1-D NA+GR, and ANT. These include floating ice (ice shelves). Important: the chronologies have little (GR,ANT) to negligible (NA) constraint/confidence prior to LGM aside from model self-consistency. The hand-tuned Greenland component (GrB) is outdated and will replaced by the results of a full glacial cycle Bayesian calibration (expected submission for publication in spring 2020). Please cite appropriate references below when using these datasets.

NA has two variants : nn9927 (better fit to constraints, but less LGM ice volume, so worse missing ice problem):
120ka to 30ka NA nn9927 + GRb ice thickness + NA lake water thickness,
30ka to 0ka NA nn9927 + GRb ice thickness + NA lake water thickness.

NA nn9894 (bit worse fits but more LGM ice volume):
120ka to 30ka NA nn9894 + GRb ice thickness,
30ka to 0ka NA nn9894 + GRb ice thickness.

ANT ice :
120ka to 30ka ANT nn4041 ice thickness,
30ka to 0ka ANT nn4041 ice thickness .

GLAC1-D references:

GLAC1-D NA : Lev Tarasov; Arthur S. Dyke, Radford M. Neal, and W.R. Peltier; A data-calibrated distribution of deglacial chronologies for the North American ice complex from glaciological modelling, Earth and Plan. Sci. Let., 2012. .

GLAC1-D ANT : Robert Briggs, David Pollard, and Lev Tarasov. A data constrained large ensemble analysis of Antarctic evolution since the Eemian, Quaternary Science Reviews, 103, 91-115, 2014.

GLAC1-D GR : L. Tarasov and W. R. Peltier, Greenland glacial history, borehole constraints and Eemian extent, J. Geophys. Res. vol. 108(B3), 2124-2143, 2003.

Sample LCice1.0 Northern Hemispheric last glacial inception chronologies

The archive below contains two sample ice sheet, temperature, dT/dz, and precipitation chronologies associated with a current submission to Climates of the Past Discussion: The phase space of last glacial inception for the Northern Hemisphere from coupled ice and climate modelling (Bahadory et al), cp-2020-1 :

120ka to 105ka ice chronologies + consecutive 20 year climatologies tarbundle (95 Mb)

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