PHYSICS 4300/6310. Advanced Physical Oceanography . Winter 2013

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P2055 - Course outline.

P6310 - Course outline.

P4300/P6310 - Term Paper.
Papers are due in class on Tuesday, April 2. Grad. students (P6310) presentations are also scheduled for April 2. Talks will be 10 min. each (strictly enforced).

Midterm test:  is scheduled for Thursday, February 28.

Assignment 1Click here for pdf file of the assignment (most problems are from Chapters 1 and 2 of the textbook).
Due in class on Tuesday, January 29.

Assignment 2Click here for pdf file of the assignment.
Due in class  on Thursday, February 14.

Assignment 3Click here for pdf file of the assignment.
Due in class  on Tuesday, March 26. Due date extended to March 28

Presentations by graduate students,Tuesday, April 2

1. Alonge, Opeyemi From Southern Ocean to The North Atlantic in The Ekman Layer?
2. Angadi, Kanachi Tsunami-tide interactions- Cook Inlet case study
3. Arif, Mahommad Sea ice drift
4. Chen, Shuyan Study on a new method of cloaking in stratified seas
5. Liu, Ying Sea Surface Current Measurement using X-Band Nautical Radar
6. Wang, Yanan Principles of Current Velocity Measurement Using Acoustic Doppler Current Profile
7. Xie, Yingda Numerical Modelling---Intro of Finite-Volume Coastal Ocean circulation Model (FVCOM)
8. Zhang, Yang The Rossby wave in a rotating-tank experiment

Papers are marked and can be picked up in my office

List of Sections from the textbook we covered in 2013

Lecture notes 2013

Lecture notes (part 1) from previous years

Final exam is scheduled for Thursday, April 18, room C2031/38. Students can bring 2 pages (both sides) of formulas to the exam.