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I. Theme of research: Ultrafast Nano-photonics

Our group studies ultrafast nano-photonics, an optical nanotechnology to achieve spatial resolution of nanometers and temporal resolution of femtoseconds and their interdisciplinary research.

II. Core research

1. Nanophotonics (Example publications: [1] and [2])
(a) Near-field optics and plasmonics
(b) Femtosecond laser micro-/nano-fabrication
(c) Ultrahigh density data storage/nanolithogrphy

2. Ultrafast photonics (Example publications: [3] and [4])
(a) Ultrafast laser spectroscopies
(b) Ultrafast optical nonlinearity

3. Fibre optics (Example publications: [5] and [6])
(a) Microstructured optical fibres and devices
(b) Fibre sensors

4. Organic photonics (Example publications: [7] and [8])
(a) Polymer photovoltaics
(b) Molecular electronics

5. Laser physics and engineering (Example publications: [9] and [10])
(a) Techniques achieving laser wavelength control
(b) Spectral filtering in fiber lasers

6. Biophotonics (Example publication: [11])
(a) Optical biosensors
(b) Optofluidics

III. Interdisciplinary research

1. Femtosecond laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (fs-LA-ICPMS)
Collaboration with research groups in the Department of Earth Sciences to develop fs-LA-ICPMS technology and its applications.

2. Carbon photonics
Collaboration with research group in the Department of Chemistry to study new carbon materials (fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, and graphene) for novel optoelectronic applications.

3. Sensor network
Collaboration with Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science to study optical sensors and their sensor networks.

4. Fibre-optic communication networks
Collaboration with Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science to study new techniques for next-generation fibre-optic communication networks.

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