Qiying Chen, Ph.D.

Canada Research Chair in Photonics

Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography Faculty of Science

Cross-appointed by the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science


Website:  Photonics Group

Tel:          709-864-8878

Fax:         709-864-8739                      

Office:     C3027 

Labs:       C1064 and C1007

Mailing address:    Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography

                           Memorial University of Newfoundland

                           St. John’s, NL A1B 3X7 


Research opportunities available now:

Our group welcomes self-motivated students to join us for undergraduate, Master’s or Ph.D. research.

Please contact us for details about our research and current openings. Click here for more information.

Current post-graduate openings are graduate studies on ultrafast photonics.

Undergraduate research opportunities are always available.

Research interests:

Our group studies ultrafast nano-photonics, an optical nanotechnology to achieve spatial resolution of nanometers and temporal resolution of femtoseconds

and their interdisciplinary research. Please click here to find out details of our research

Research sub-areas include:


    P6012 Advanced Photonics

    P3600 Optics and Photonics I

    P4600 Optics and Photonics II

    P3920 Physics Laboratory II

    P1051 General Physics II: Oscillations, Waves, Electromagnetism

    P3500 Electromagnetic Fields I

Last updated: October 20, 2010