M. R. Morrow
Condensed Matter Physics

Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography
Memorial University of Newfoundland


Group Members and Recent Theses



Research in the Department

Biophysics in Canada

Recent Group Members

    Sarika Kumari (2018-) Role of lipopolysaccharide in antimicrobial peptide membrane interactions probed by deuterium NMR. PhD. In progess. Co-supervised with Valerie Booth.

    Tim Porter (2019) NMR studies of model membrane phase behaviour. Summer Research Assistant.

    Abinu Jyothini (2019-2021) Computational and experimental studies of the effect of lung surfactant protein B fragment SP-B1-9 on model lipid bilayers. M.Sc. Co-supervised with Ivan Saika-Voivod.

    Nury Santisteban (2018-2019) Interaction of antimicrobial peptides with gram positive and gram negative cell envelopes. PhD. Co-supervised with Valerie Booth.

    Gagandeep Kaur Sandu (2013-2019) Orientation and dynamics od pH-sensitive antimicrobial polypeptides. PhD. Co-supervised with Valerie Booth.

    Suhad Sbeih (2013-2018) Pressure-induced collaps in microgel colloids. PhD. Co-supervised with Anand Yethiraj.

    Chris Miranda (2013-2015) Peptide-induced changes in bicellar mixture morphology. M.Sc.

    Collin Knight (2013-2014) Pressure-induced interdigitation in bicellar mixtures. NSERC USRA and Honours B.Sc.

    Shane Fowler (2013) Memorial Undergraduate Career Experience Program.

    Melissa Scott (2013) WISE SSEP student.

    Ashkan Rahmani (2012-2013) Variable pressure deuterium NMR studies of bicellar material containing anionic lipid. M.Sc.

    Dharamaraju Palleboina (2009-2012) Studies of lung surfactant proteins on mechanically oriented bilayer surfaces. M.Sc. Co-supervised with Valerie Booth (Biochemistry)

    James Pius (2010-2012) Deuterium NMR studies of the effect of antimicrobial peptides on bacterial membrane orientational order. M.Sc. Co-supervised with Valerie Booth (Biochemistry)

    Taslima Akter (2012-2013) Membrane perturbation by antimicrobial peptides. Co-supervised with Valerie Booth (Biochemistry)

    Lauren MacEachern (2012) Multiple pulse NMR deuterium NMR studies of slow motions in bicellar mixtures. MUCEP student and SURA student.

    Alexander Sylvester (2012) Effect of lung surfactant protein on bicellar mixture morphology. NSERC USRA.

    Alanna Flynn (2010-2012) A deuterium nuclear magnetic resonance study of the dynamics of bicellar mixtures. NSERC USRA and B.Sc. Honours. thesis

    Mark McDonald (2004-2011) Orientation and dynamics of membrane associated peptides via nuclear magnetic resonance. Ph.D. thesis

    Nasir Uddin (2008-2010) Investigation of the phase behavior of bicellar mixtures by differential scanning calorimetry and variable pressure 2H NMR. M.Sc. thesis

    Doug Grzetic (2007-2008) Exploring slow motions in bilayer membranes by transverse deuteron spin relaxation. B.Sc. Honours. thesis

    Bretta Russell-Schulz (2007-2008) Deuterium NMR of N-Terminal lung surfactant protein B (SP-B) peptide in DPPC/POPG. B.Sc. Honours. thesis Co-supervised with Valerie Booth

    Joshua Perry (2007-2008) The Effect of ceramide and ceramide-1-phosphate on the phase transitions of DPPC membranes: A deuterium NMR study. B.Sc. Hounours. thesis

    Jason Emberley (2005-2006) Comparison of DPPC and DPPG using 2H NMR. B.Sc. Honours. thesis

    Muzaddid Sarker (2004-2006) NMR structural studies of surfactant protein B peptides. M. Sc. thesis Co-supervised with Valerie Booth.

    Harpreet Singh (2003-2005) Effect of pressure on the fast motions in ordered phase phospholipid bilayers. M.Sc. thesis

    Russell White (2004) Software and hardware for wideline NMR.

    Sara Temple (2003-2004) The interaction of pulmonary lung surfactant proteins A and B (SP A and SP B) with DPPC/DPPG bilayers. B.Sc Honours. thesis

    Ian Skanes (2002-2004) Effect of polyunsaturated lipids on membrane response to pressure. M.Sc. thesis

    Mahmood Albaqali (2002-2003) Digital pulse generator for NMR. Engineering coop work term.

    Valerie Booth (2002-2003) High resolution NMR structural studies of surfactant protein. Res. Associate.

    Andre Brown (2002-2003) Effect of pressure on 1- and 2-component lipid bilayers. B.Sc. Honours. thesis

    David Goodyear (2000-2003) Deuterium nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and molecular dynamics studies of transmembrane polypeptides. PhD. thesis

    Nidal Abu-Libdeh (2000-2002) Interaction of pulmonary surfactant protein A (SP-A) with DPPC/egg-PG bilayers. M.Sc. thesis