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Phys 1051. General Physics II: Oscillations, Waves, Electromagnetism

Winter 2011

The Physics 1051 final exam is on Mon Apr 11 (3-5 pm) in PE2000.
To prepare, I recommend working through old final exams and old term tests.

Lectures, Laboratories and Workshops

Lightning is electricity



Course (for the above sections): Anand Yethiraj, Room C-3029, Phone: 864-2113,

Lab Instructors: Kelly Shorlin (email: and John Wells

Instructional Assistant: Krystyna Pawlowska

Instructional Assistant/System Administrator: John Jerrett


PHYS 1050 (General Physics I) or PHYS 1020 (Introductory Physics I) with a minimum grade of 65%, and MATH 1001 (Calculus II). MATH 1001 may be taken concurrently.

Course Evaluation Scheme

Course Text

"Principles of Physics", Fourth Edition, Serway, Jewett. Thomson Publishers.


Assignments: The assignments in this course will be done using the CAPA computer based assignment system. You will need your MUN number and a password to access these. Pre-lab and pre-lecture questions will be done using Desire2Learn, a computer-based course management system.

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Term Tests

Go here for details and old test samples (taken from Prof. Morrow's website).

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